Community of FHN

 The Fellowship of the Holy Name

An Unofficial and Ecumenical Fraternal  Order Of  Christian  Brothers  and  Sisters


 To Encourage the Practice of the

Jesus Prayer and its Traditions and 

To be a Community of Such Pentecostal Practice

As a Ministry to the Body of Christ and the World


 We believe that the Baptist’s prophecy

that Jesus will baptize with the Holy Spirit and Fire 

remains to be fulfilled in the Earth;

 that the Name of Jesus 

is the focus from which the Spirit radiates toward humanity;

and that prayer of the Holy Name brings us 

into participation in the Filling of Jesus with the Spirit

and participation in the Sending of the Spirit by Jesus 


 The Fellowship of the Holy Name

 Provides Teaching Missions, Retreats, 

 Spiritual Direction in this Tradition,

 Leads Jesus Prayer Groups,

And Occasionally Offers a Jesus Prayer School

and a School for Pentecostal Spiritual Directors

Clyde Glandon  9i8 481 5244

Jim Allen 918 406 4725 

 The Name of Jesus brings Pentecost, inside and out


Friends of the Fellowship of the Holy Name

An annual commitment, renewed each year in December

 1. Be familiar with the basic documents of the Fellowship


       +FHN Mission and Vision Statement  (2 pages)

       +The Jesus Prayer School: Basic Teachings (4 pages)

       +The Charismatic Renewal: Thoughts on its Historic 

         Size and Scope (12 pages)

       +Love and Vision  (2 pages)

       +Divine Visions of Pentecost given to David Geraets 

         (6 pages)

       +Audiotape of David Geraets, Scripture and the Charismatic

         Renewal (75 min.)

              FHN offers occasional gatherings to hear this teaching 

 2. Choose a classic saint or teacher from the FHN’s list, and seek during the friendship year to read, study, and internalize the teaching. In this way you become a personal teacher of their contribution and participation in the Christian spiritual tradition and mission. The patron saint of the FHN is Theophan the Recluse. This is a renewal of “guru pedagogy”—i.e. discipling— in Christian life, and models the 2 by 2 pattern.

 3. Be in “informal” spiritual direction or continuing dialogue with a member or friend of FHN. This corrects and calls us out of “spiritual individualism,” and is a renewal of the 2 by 2 pattern.

 4. Try to attend, participate, or co-lead various of the teaching and mission events of FHN.  At the scheduled retreat days for FHN, you might want to present a teaching on your teacher’s life and teachings.

 5. Invest $25.00 “dues” per year in the FHN.

 Members of the Fellowship and their Teachers

 Clyde Glandon               Theophan the Recluse

Jim Allen                        John Climacus

 Ignatius Brianchaninov           Kelly Burgess               

 Thomas Merton

 Friends of FHN and their Teachers

Timothy Burgess               Michael Ramsey

Kevin Leitch                     Macarius

T.L.Osborn                     David Geraets

   Chyanna Mull-Anthony    Teresa of Avila

Stephanie Swinnea            Patrick of Ireland

Larry Wright                     Agnes Sanford


We all know what a help it is to live amongst and be intimate with keen Christians; how much we owe in our own lives to contact with them, and how hard it is to struggle on alone in a predominantly non-Christian atmosphere. In the saints we always have the bracing society of keen Christians. We are always in touch with the classic standard. 

Evelyn Underhill, Concerning the Inner Life, 1926


 FHN’s Christian Teachers and Related Books

Presently Unassigned

Diodochos of Photike, On Spiritual KnowledgePhilokalia, vol.1

Cyril of Jerusalem, Lenten Lectures,  chs. 16 & 17

Amma Syncletica, Laura Swan, The Forgotten Desert Mothers

Symeon the New Theologian,  Philokalia, vol. 4

Gregory of Sinai, Philokalia, vol. 4

Gregory Palamas, Triads in Defense of the Holy Hesychasts

Richard Rolle, The Fire of Love

Richard Hooker, Clyde Glandon, More Profoundness of Wisdom

Seraphim of Sarov, Harry Boosalis, The Joy of the Holy

John Wesley, Reuben Job  A Wesleyan Spiritual Reader

Smith Wigglesworth, On the Anointing

Lev Gillet, On the Invocation of the Name of Jesus

Samuel Shoemaker, With the Holy Spirit and with Fire

Dennis and Rita Bennett, The Holy Spirit and You

Morton Kelsey, Encounter with God

Andrew White, Faith Under Fire

Contemplation in the Jesus Prayer Traditions 

Life in The Holy Spirit and The Name of Jesus

Praying  without  Ceasing and “The Jesus Prayer”


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